Sawgrass Fishing Rods Press Release

Sawgrass Fishing Rods Press Release

Sawgrass Fishing Rods

Capt. Collins D. Illich





For immediate release - August 30, 2022


Sawgrass Fishing Rods Launch

After two years in development, Sawgrass Fishing Rods (SFR) is excited to announce its North American launch. SFR’s approach is centered around two core philosophies. First, SFR delivers purpose driven fishing tools designed by anglers and for anglers. Secondly, SFR is built on excellent, prompt, and direct customer service.

Sawgrass’s purpose driven design helps anglers maximize their potential and maximize their time on the water. Rods are developed with the SFR engineers’ oversight to bend and perform for exact real-life conditions. Sawgrass’s design philosophy is centered around the concept that each rod is a tool. When considering a fishing tool, an angler must be confident that their rod can deliver and present the appropriate bait, hook the angler’s target, and land the fish when the opportunity arrives. Each of SFR’s rods is built with that purpose in mind.

When you call SFR to order a rod, ask a question or arrange a warranty service, you will get an actual team member on the phone. Each of our team members is educated on our product and our policy. They are empowered to make decisions on the fly to ensure an ideal transaction for our anglers. SFR’s founder, Greg Zwernemann, said it best, “I was tired of not getting answers from manufacturers. The rod market needed a U.S.-based company built around solving problems and making fishing fun.”

SFR is initially launching five families of rods, the BCS-1 bass rods, Bois D’Arc-3 (BDA-3) ultra-premium bass rods, BCS-3 Inshore rods, BCS-5H hybrid casting and topwater rods, and the New Moon family of one-piece fly rods.

Based in College Station, TX, Sawgrass’s operational philosophy was cultivated in the Texas heat. A handshake closes a deal, hard work pays off, and we mean what we say. Sawgrass is committed to supporting our customers at the highest level. Please reach out with any concerns, design ideas or even just a fish picture. Call 469.442.9728 or email our manager Collins D. Illich anytime.

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