Rod Actions

Technique specific actions, their flexes and their uses. Everyone fishes differently so our descriptions are intended to help you pick a rod. This is how WE fish. Honestly, our team would prefer to spend a few minutes on the phone chatting about what YOU want out of a rod. We are experts in digesting your fishing wants and needs and helping select the correct rod for YOU.

  • Magnum Bass (Mag Bass) family

    • Traditional fast action, stiff rod. Think pound-for-pound power fishing. The ML is your go to for weightless soft jerk baits, light jigs, and lipless crankbaits. The MH is the “all-around, you only get one rod” bass rod.

  • Alabama Rig & Structure/Off-Shore families

    • 7’7” powerful rod made to throw large baits, long distances. The 7’7” length gives the angler enough leverage to set the hook in deep water or at greater distances. Sawgrass 7’7” rods are powerful. Carolina rigs, Alabama Rigs, swimbaits are all well suited for the Sawgrass A-Rig rods.

  • Swimbait family

    • 8’0” beasts. Whatever you want to throw and however far you can throw it. This is a superline rig designed for big jigs, swimbaits, 2oz. Carolina Rigs, whatever you want that’s big and heavy. 8’ of pure power can move fish from structure, positively hook fish from distance or pick up slack on a softer jig bite.

  • BSC5-Hybrid family

    • The hybrid carbon fiber/glass tip is made to slow anglers down and ensure landing a fish once they connect. Soft enough to load up for a massive cast, allow a fish to inhale a hard bait, and keep lighter wire treble hooks from straightening out. Our manager fishes the 6”10", 7’2”, and 7’4” with squarebills and topwater baits and uses the 8’0” for big glide baits and crank baits.

  • Inshore family

    • Our Inshore family rods are specially designed for the Gulf Coast but have applications from So-Cal to fluke and striper in the North-Atlantic. Blanks are provided in a variety of actions further described on their family page and with finish out specific to the presumed fishing area. Things like shorter grips for the deep-water Texas flats that are only learned by real fishermen have been applied through the family.

  • Drop Shot family

    • One of our favorites and one of the hardest designs in our line. The Sawgrass Drop Shot rods are fast action, super-soft-tip rods. The softness of the tip allows for incredible sensitivity. Sawgrass Drop Shot anglers will experience a new level of sensitivity. Capt. Dylan Lyons said it best “I had to re-learn how to fish. I felt everything!”

  • Shaky Head family

    • Sawgrass Shaky Head rods are medium-light, medium-fast, stiff spinning rods made for precision finesse fishing. Tight casts under docks, to standing timber, whatever situation and techniques require precise feel and presentation.

All Sawgrass rods are saltwater safe. If there is a particular action you prefer in our BCS1, BCS5-Hybrid, or Bois D’Arc over our saltwater specific BCS3-Inshore family, any of those rods will survive.