About Us

Sawgrass High Performance Fishing Rod’s foundation is to build a better tool for every angler and any angler’s budget. A purpose driven tool that’s designed by the industry’s finest engineers whose sole purpose is to push the envelope of rod performance. Like a surgeon picking the correct instrument, anglers can select the right tool from our complete line-up, for a specific need. From start to finish these rods are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA by anglers, for US anglers.

Sawgrass is based in College Station, TX. Our passion for fishing grew in Central Texas. Sawgrass’s operational philosophy was cultivated in the Texas heat. A handshake closes a deal, hard work pays off and we mean what we say. Sawgrass is committed to supporting our customers at the highest level. Please reach out with any concerns, design ideas or even just a fish picture. Call our customer service number 469.442.9728 or email our manager Collins D. Illich anytime.

If it takes us an hour or so to get back to you, rest easy. You will be communicating directly with a human, and we will get back to you. We are likely on the other line or doing some product testing on the water.

With our blue-collar roots, we know the value of time and hard work. Our customers trust us with their leisure time and their hard-earned income when they choose Sawgrass rods over others. Sawgrass’s design is careful and thoughtful. We partner with the finest suppliers in the fishing industry, and we are very proud of our partners.

  • North Fork Composites manufacturers the finest and most advanced blanks in the world. The team at NFC works tirelessly to push performance and capabilities of fishing rods tailoring and engineering their blanks to Sawgrass angler’s needs.

  • REC Recoil guides are the lightest, most durable guides available. They are nearly indestructible and made in the US, rarely used on production rods due to the high manufacturing cost. Recoil guides allow a blank to optimize its performance.

  • Alps provides only the highest quality materials, rigorously testing each one with the intent to deliver products of the finest look, feel and longevity.

  • Seaguide is a worldwide leader in fishing rod components. Their precision rod components are entirely made in-house and unique to Sea Guide…even their guide liners are made in house giving them absolute control and our highest level of confidence.

The Sawgrass High Performance Fishing Rod’s brand is 100-percent American owned, and we are very proud of that.