Q: Where are your rods made?
A: Sawgrass Rods domestically sources everything possible. Our blanks are made in Washington State and our rods are finished in Texas. Every Sawgrass product that goes to market is US made.

Q: Please better explain your warranty.
A: Sawgrass stands behind its rods AND its customers. Whenever there is an issue with a Sawgrass rod we want to make it right, and will. If it is an operator error, or a rod locker snaps shut unexpectedly, or if an errant ceiling fan gets involved with your Sawgrass rod, we will sort out a nominal fee to help get you fishing with a repaired or replaced rod of similar family and action.

Q: Who is designing your rods?
A: The Sawgrass team is a group of anglers trying to make their love of fishing into a fishing rod company. We design our rods, we ship our rods, we manage our customer service, an we fish our rods. Rods are designed with thoughtful consideration to real world needs by high level anglers.

Q: Are the BCS-1 Bass rods saltwater safe?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the biggest fish you can catch on a BCS-1 MBR 734-1?
A: Hahahahahahahahah…too much ear to answer but we love the question and the ambition. Terminal tackle, reel, and boat handling play a huge roll here. We can comfortably say that your rod (at an appropriate rod angle) won’t be your limitation.

Q: I had a guide fail. What can I do?
A: You can submit your rod for repair and Sawgrass will replace the guide for you. Honestly, the shipping will nullify any benefit though. We are happy to help you source a replacement guide and likely a Sawgrass sticker or Koozie that you can have replaced locally.