Sawgrass Fishing Rods: Why We Make What We Make…

Sawgrass Fishing Rods: Why We Make What We Make…

We receive a lot of question about “what makes our rods different” and “why should I buy a Sawgrass rod vs brand…”? Sorry to disappoint you, but we have a policy here at Sawgrass and we only talk about what we control.

What we control is our rods, our process, our design, and our quality control.

To provide some clarity relating to our brand, we have initiated a series of videos that will provide in-depth explanations as to why we make our rods the way we do and how each family is finished out.

To start Sawgrass makes eight distinct actions in our spinning and casting families. Before we break them down on video let’s discuss what “action” is. Action is a compilation of three elements speed, stiffness, and power. They all work together to define a fishing rod’s “action”.

In a previous blog I went into a deep dive about each. But look below for a simplified explanation.

Power – how much force it takes to bend the rod as the designer intended.

Stiffness – “How” the rod bends where it bends. Rods can be stiff, soft, moderate, or really anything, but stiffness is a reflection of the actual bent rod under appropriate load.

Speed Where” the rod bends. Typically, there is a natural “stop” point in a rod bend. Faster rods stop about ¼ of the way from the tip, medium rods about halfway down and slower rods bend closer to the grip.

Sawgrass’s eight actions all have different purposes. Below each distinct action is listed.

MBR – Mag Bass

Hybrid – commonly “Cranking” but we use them for 90% of our fishing with any lures with trebles.

DSS – Drop Shot

SHS – Shakey head

SB – Swimbait

O/S & A-Rig – Offshore/Structure rod and Alabama Rig


Inshore Topwater

Over the next couple of months. Gilbert Miller of GTB Outdoors and our GM Capt. Collins Illich will review each action, its finish out and why we make it the way we do. Collins will discuss the design and Gilbert will discuss the fishing perspective.

These videos will be posted on our website, our social accounts, and on YouTube. We would like your feedback and we will answer any questions posted.

Thanks for the interest in Sawgrass.

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