BCS3 Inshore 7'6" ML Spinning Rod

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Sawgrass SKU: SFR-BCS3-I-762-1-S
Line Rating: 4-12
Lure Rating: 1/8-3/8
Length: 7'6"
Power: ML
Rod Weight: 3.84 oz.

Action: Fast
Long Description: BCS3 Inshore 7'6" ML Spinning Rod

  • Medium light inshore spinning rods
  • Carbon fiber
  • Made In America

BCS3 Inshore Rods

Nobody is harder on their fishing gear than hard core saltwater anglers. The fish, the environment, the jetties, toothy fish, everything out there is trying to destroy you and your equipment.

Sawgrass is staffed and founded by anglers who have cut their teeth in the surf, being tossed around in a center console, and running to the birds working off the jetty. We noted that most inshore rods either are built to wiggle in a shop and admire or they have been overbuilt to survive the harshness of the environment.

Sawgrass wanted to make a rod that pushed performance while surviving in the harshest of fishing environments.

Carefully selected NFC HM blanks paired with REC CERecoil gathering guides paired with REC Recoil guides are impervious to salt, braid, sand, whatever…And allow the rod to perform at levels never expected on a saltwater flat.

All BCS3 Inshore rods are covered by Sawgrass’s limited lifetime warranty.