Bois d’Arc Reservoir Opens in East Texas

Bois d’Arc Reservoir Opens in East Texas

After many years of design, construction and seemingly even longer waiting for it to fill, Bois d’Arc reservoir is finally open! I am pumped. Word is there is already a verified eight. This lake has all the potential in the world.

In honor of the opening, Sawgrass Fishing Rods will be extending an automatic 20% discount on our entire Bois d’Arc family. Sawgrass Bois d’Arc rods are the flagship of our product line. They are exceptional bass rods covering all the techniques needed to dominate tournament fishing and/or maximize your personal fishing time.

BDA rods are built on Northfork Composite High Modulus blanks with REC Ceracoil and Recoil guides finished with soft touch seats and ultra-premium cork. Nothing was spared. BDA rods are precision tools for discriminating anglers.

Please give us a call to chat about the line, if you have any questions or you want to talk about fishing!

Capt. Collins

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