Memorial Rods in Honor of Fishing Icons Paul Moore & Key Puckett

Memorial Rods in Honor of Fishing Icons Paul Moore & Key Puckett

Memorial Rods in Honor of Fishing Icons Paul Moore & Key Puckett

March 29, 2024 – Capt. Collins D. Illich

Recently the Dallas fishing community, and the entire fishing industry lost two pioneers. Two men that embodied sharing knowledge and experience to improve everyone’s time on the water.

Paul Moore and Key Puckett were fixtures in the industry for decades. Both successfully managing independent shops, cultivating a comfortable environment for the customers and friends to shop, bullshit, share fishing stories and tips with each other.

Paul Moore was born on November 1, 1946 in Gilmer, TX and passed on September 20, 2020 Paul started Southwest Parts & Service (SWP&S) at 605 W. Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX after he built the whole damn building. The “service” portion of his operation’s name is critical. Paul didn’t want just another shop. He wanted a full-service operation. SWP&S is internationally recognized as one of the finest reel repair shops anywhere.

Paul passed after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. We can all agree, fuck cancer.

Paul’s memorial rods are built on his favorite blank, a 7’ medium power casting rod and wrapped in colors representing pancreatic cancer and the struggle with it. Paul’s rods are available online and exclusively through Southwest Parts & Service.

Sawgrass will donate $10 for each of Paul’s rods towards pancreatic cancer research.

Please stop by SWP&S and chat with Paul’s son Shane who is now Captain of the shop. Shane is ready to talk fishing and/or trade the thousands of stories about Paul. Including, hooking and fighting a literal whale.

Key Puckett was born on March 8, 1942, in Dallas and passed March 16, 2023. Key spent a large portion of his life fishing offshore Billfish tournaments. When he wasn’t delivering sportfishers or fishing bass tournaments, he was building his hometown tackle shop, Fishin’ World at 4402 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, TX.

Key’s operation is based in Central Dallas and is still a critical location for the North Dallas bass fisherman. Key loved cultivating relationships with the local high school teams and helping the next generation of anglers get their start.

Key passed abruptly but his legacy will continue. Robert Carter has taken on management of Key’s operation and is continuing to deliver the all-star customer service Key’s friends and customers experienced under his ownership.

Key’s memorial rods are built on his favorite blank, a 7’3” medium-heavy power casting rod wrapped in the Highland Park Bass Team’s colors. Key’s rods are available online and exclusively through Fishin’ World.

Sawgrass will donate $10 for each Key Pucket Memorial Rod sold to the Highland Park High School Bass Club in Key’s name.

Both Paul and Key had a revelation late in life that grandchildren were far better than any fish they had chased. Both spent thousands of hours chasing their kiddos kiddos around and everyone was better for it.

Capt. Collins D. Illich – General Manager Sawgrass Fishing Rods

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