Matt Reed Promotion To National Field Staff Lead

Matt Reed Promotion To National Field Staff Lead

Sawgrass Fishing Rods

Capt. Collins D. Illich



Former Elite angler and national MLF Tour fisherman Matt Reed is an integral part of the Sawgrass family and has been in the Sawgrass fold since day one. Sawgrass is proud to announce his promotion to National Field Staff Lead. Matt’s role as Field Staff lead is just a formality. Matt has been communicating with our pros and refining our builds based on the feedback of our excellent field staff.

matt reed

When he is not tournament fishing, Matt spends his months in South Texas on Lake Falcon. He is recognized as one of the best deep water and offshore structure bass fishermen in the world.

Reed said “Sawgrass’s work with contact fishing rods is really second to none. The XH BDA 776-1 OS/S-C rod has become my go to. Often, I put the boat on the trailer and realize I have only fished one model all day. The 7’7” XH! Sawgrass listens and delivers.”

Fishing is a passion here at Sawgrass and we are proud to have Matt leading a critical portion of our business.

“Matt is an excellent fisherman and a better person. I can’t pick a better representative for Sawgrass. Plus, it gives me another excuse to head South and fish with Matt on Falcon”, said Sawgrass founder Greg Zwernemann.

About Sawgrass:

Based in College Station, TX, Sawgrass’s operational philosophy was cultivated in the Texas heat. A handshake closes a deal, hard work pays off, and we mean what we say. Sawgrass is committed to supporting our customers at the highest level. Please reach out with any concerns, design ideas or even just a fish picture. Call 469.442.9728 or email our manager Collins D. Illich anytime.


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