Sawgrass Fishing Rod Announces Partnership with Capt. Gary Dubiel

Sawgrass Fishing Rod Announces Partnership with Capt. Gary Dubiel

Sawgrass Fishing Rods

Capt. Collins D. Illich



For immediate release – January 11, 2024

Sawgrass Fishing Rod Announces Partnership with Capt. Gary Dubiel.

Capt. Gary Dubiel is a fixture in the Mid-Atlantic angling scene. Based in Oriental, NC Capt. Gary fishes the Neuse River system to the Outer Banks. Gary is an IGFA World Record holder and one of the finest captains you will ever share a boat with. Gary grew up fishing in Pennsylvania. After a trip to the Outer Banks in 1970 Gary fell in love with the fisheries in NC eventually moving there guiding clients for the last twenty plus years.

Between charters Gary chatted with our founder about taking this step. He finished the conversation with this, “Sawgrass’s all-tackle approach is exactly what I need. My clients fish for specs, reds, bluefish, albacore, bass everything and Sawgrass is making the tools I need to maximize my client’s time on the water. Their made in the US all-tackle customer service oriented approach dovetails with my charter operation perfectly.”

Well welcome aboard sir.

Our GM who recently fished with Gary noted that Gary “is a unique angler on a unique fishery. His skills are exceptional, but the fishery is perfect for Sawgrass’s needs. The variety of species and approach Gary takes with his clients will test ALL our gear daily. Couldn’t be happier to have him on our team.”

About Sawgrass:

Based in College Station, TX, Sawgrass’s operational philosophy was cultivated in the Texas heat. A handshake closes a deal, hard work pays off, and we mean what we say. Sawgrass is committed to supporting our customers at the highest level. Please reach out with any concerns, design ideas or even just a fish picture. Call 469.442.9728 or email our manager Collins D. Illich anytime.

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